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2018        Tiny scale insects help trees avoid elephants! Press coverage in ScienceDaily


2015        Work on extinction featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, BBC, USA Today, and many other outlets.

2014        Our Science paper on predator effects on savanna landscapes featured in The New York Times and BBC News.

2014        Our work on mutualism disruption covered in Science and The New York Times.

2013         We just did a show with David Attenborough! Childhood dream: achieved. If you’re in the UK, SkyTV will be airing “Micromonsters 3D” in April, so check it out! Coming soon to an IMAX theater near you!

2012         Coverage of Seifert et al’s awesome work on skin shedding in Acomys:

MSNBC, the BBC, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, Nature, The New Scientist, ScienceNow and other outlets.


Can ants really protect Acacia trees from elephants? Our paper on this David and Goliath story was covered in The New York Times, The L.A. Times, the BBC, MSNBC, The Daily Telegraph, The Scientific American, ScienceNow, Discover Magazine, and other outlets.

2010               Our paper on how African termites rule the savannas was featured in The New York Times, National Geographic, USA Today, ABC News, The Daily Telegraph, and a bunch of other media outlets, along with radio interviews on Canada’s Quirks and Quarks.

Our paper on the benefits to trees of pairing with multiple partners (sizzle!) was featured at

Our paper on plant cooperation with tiny fungal root mutualists was covered in The Scientist, and The New Scientist


News coverage on our 2008 Science paper below!